This is a biography of Rwa Lotsawa or Ra Lotsawa”the enlightened sorcerer” who lived at the end of the eleventh adn the beginning of the twelfth century. He introduced the practice fo Vajrabhairava or Yamāntaka into TIbet. The biography is full of fantastic events and historically important people. He also unusually kills with his practice a number of other lamas, including Darma Dodé the son of Marpa Lotsawa the founder of the Kagyu. It is an interesting read with very pleasant songs.
IT is presented here in a simple format without any chapter divisions, like the Tibetan and without as yet any background information on the people involved. IT has been translated with a general readership in mind. Penguin is planning to publish the biography as a companion volume to te Life of Milarepa, in w well researched translation by Brian J Cuevas.